An effective antidote

Worry is a poison that is eating you from the inside . Worry can age you and can make your life a living hell.  We need an effective antidote , which is a simple yet a great advice to help you decipher the encrypted dilemma you’re facing. But how to properly give advice is an art itself, choosing the perfect timing to give it and actually make an impact . I personally believe that the indirect change is the fastest yet more effective way to make a change in someone’s behavior or life . because let’s face it , not all of us likes to be told what to do with their life. In this article it shows how to give a proper advice
Sometimes we complain to others just because we want our voice to be heard, so you really need to listen attentively to a person first for a very long time to understand the situation. If, and only if, your friend actually ASKS for advice should you then furnish it.
So be a lighthouse to guide others around you by setting an example and by practicing what you preach.





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