How to survive in our world ?

Snakes shed their own skin as a technique of adaptation to allow further growth, Chameleon changes its colors as a camouflage to hide from enemies, many Animals hibernate not because it’s cold but because the cost of obtaining food outweighs the gain. It’s just easier to sleep it off. If we observed nature closely we can notice many techniques for adaptation. Also in humans we sometimes adapt to whatever life puts in our ways , whether it is a new workplace, gaining new friendships or having new relationships , You adapt and tune your frequency to blend. Its a scientifically known fact that pressure makes diamonds,Also The lotus flowers is a perfect analogy for a successful person’s story as It is said that the more muddy and opaque the water, the more beautiful the Lotus flower when it emerges and blossom ,When faced with a new situation you’ve three options , Either you give up and complain about it , Accept it the way it is and do nothing about it . Or you can adapt to it changing yourself first and then try to change it by taking significant actions towards it.
Resilience is a form of adaptation. So whatever life throws at you try to adapt to it . The quicker you adapt the more comfortable you’ll be dealing with it.





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