A life full of joy

If you’ve not watched the documentary ” Happy ” which was released in 2011 , perhaps its the right time now to watch it. Just ask any person in the world , what does they want in their lives . The answer is to be happy. Some people think just having a lot of money that will makes them happier . Well technically speaking its not 100% right. There are many things that money cant buy naming just a few of them such as respect , being healthy or winning someone’s heart. Being happy itself is different from one person to another. finding the  balance between the materialistic plane (money, fame, status) and the spiritual (interpersonal relationships, health and personal fulfillment).meaning whether a person is introvert or extrovert. According to the scientists in the documentary the happiness level of man is fifty percent genetic. Only ten percent depends on external circumstances like wealth, health and social status. Every person knows periods of adversity, but happy people know how to quickly overcome it. Life doesn’t get easier , you just get better, Happiness is often About the little things. We all know that, but in our fast-paced, competitive world we often forget. There is no need to make radical changes; often small changes are enough. Find out what makes you happy and do it , whether it is playing a videogame , watching a movie , Listening to music , reading a book or a novel , hanging out with your friends, enjoying a beautiful sunset or a sunrise , Seeing your children smiling , helping others in a random act of kindness without expecting anything in return…etc. whatever it is Just do it with passion , All of these things increase the production of serotonin the hormone that makes you happy, there are thousands of reasons why you should be happy , but instead we focus on the problems overwhelming us. Just bear in mind that no one on the face of earth doesn’t have problems . We all have different kinds of problems , what makes the difference is how we handle it. Smiling makes you look more attractive and its more healthy to do so Make the right choice and be happy.image


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