Breaking the chains

There is certain facts in the world , One of them is that We live in a man ruled society. Why would women pay more for the same products that men use due to the ” pink tax ” ? According to a recent study , hurricanes with female names have, on average, killed more people than those with male ones. I’ve found 365 reasons to be a feminist deserves a couple of minutes of your time. But the Good news that there is a change coming soon and we can notice it by ourselves. The next release of Football ” Soccer for Americans ” videogame FIFA16 will include women teams . Inspirational women such as Angela Merkel and many more showing us that women can be great political leaders , they are paving the way for many women all over the world. Men and women are created differently as usually men use more rational approach and women tend to use more emotional approach to any situations but sometimes emotions are far more powerful than rational thoughts. Yes we are different but doesn’t mean that women should be denied political rights or freedom to wear whatever they want. Its important to break free from society’s stereotypes but in the same time its important to respect society’s tradition and not be provoking to it. Because what’s acceptable in a western culture is not acceptable in an eastern one for example, its a difficult equation but its applicable in our daily life. We complete each other and we need to understand that no gender is inferior to the other.




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