A modern day Utopian world

The dilemma that had many philosophers sleepless at night. Is it possible , Applicable nowadays ? The answer is NO ! But let’s take a realistic approach to it. We are humans , Natural born sinners . God created us this way, To commit sins and then repent continuously. The truth is we are going to hurt each other in purpose or not.But who said that we can’t have our own Utopian world ?.And there is only one way to achieve such thing . which is to TRY to treat everyone as we like them to treat us. Its difficult but not impossible. I am a strong believer of Karma. What goes around,comes around.So rest assured that justice will be served eventually one way or another.Its said that ” Weak people revenge , Smart people forgive and intelligent people ignore” So be the smart one and simply ignore whomever hurting you.


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