Are there any problems which are unresolvable ?

Before answering such question , One must ask himself or herself what’s the root cause of any problem . Which is unsuccessful communication . The problem occurs when one or both parties can’t reach a common ground . And that happens often because one or both don’t have a vision of what’s beyond the current situation . You must think of the consequences and be three steps ahead of the real time situation. A successful negotiation is needed to resolve any conflict on any scale . Whether its a personal one or on a larger scale. One must not be biased and should be open to put themselves in the others shoes. Ready to accept that you might not be 100% right about what you’ve already precieved . Both parties should compromise to reach what’s best for all. One must not seek to prove that the other is wrong and they are the right one. Its not a childish kindergarten argument. Both should be mature enough to handle the truth .And the truth is that there are no absolute right or wrong. Its all relative due to many factors. Just to mention a few of them ” The timing of the situation , The current events that are related to it …etc ” . Its just like looking at an engineering drawing . If you change the angle you view it you’ll see it differently .So be open minded about any problem . Don’t be biased to your point of view , Be ready to accept the other’s if it makes sense . Lose the foolish pride that might makes you a close-minded .But never compromise anything on the expense of one’s dignity or identity.

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