Luck or Fate ?

One question and many answers . Some people are totally convinced that they are unlucky and all the bad stuff happens to them frequently . and others are the total opposite claiming that they’re very fortunate . So where is fate in this equation ? Once I’ve read that our fate is dynamic . how ?

Its dynamic in the meaning that you make your own destiny regardless of the circumstances occurring around you . You always have a choice to do whatever you want . Its like a chain reaction . just dropping the first piece of dominos and it all falls after it. To explain this I’ll use ” Stephen R.Covey 90 10 Principle ”  You are represented by a situation that might seems to ruin your day or you can just react properly and save the day , in this article I’ll post a link for this life changing principle

After reading this, My view on luck that it doesn’t exist on our lives . instead of it we have fate . meaning that we are represented on daily basis with many situations that you might think you’re unlucky that you had them . not knowing that maybe God put these in your way to prevent a more worse situation . And if we changed the way we perceive things our lives will be instantly better . Looking to problems as just an obstacles we’ve to overcome to become more stronger mentally . So we shouldn’t blame God on our problems . we should see them as a trial

So that when you’re a situation you’re provided with two or more options . Giving us the freedom to choose from whichever option is available and then your choices makes your own destiny . its like you’re given two paths one is to the left and one is to the right . God knows that those paths will lead to a known destination by him but he Gives us the freedom to choose .

God is fair and has gives in the freedom to worship him or even not believing in his existence and he still provide us with his graces and cure our illness regardless of your faith of him . So I’d never disrespect an atheist or agnostic or anyone whom doesn’t believe the same as mine .




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