Are we all born Equal ?

The question that might sound like its a vague , silly and stupid one . Will perhaps make you itch your head thinking. I personally believe the answer is YES .I’ll try to explain it in this article. If you’ve a theory . You Should have a solid state where you base your theory upon it . And in this one I’ll use ” God is Fair ” If we try to enumerate God’s graces upon us , we will never be able to count it . but let’s just take a sample of just eight elements which are 1:health 2:wealth 3:Family 4:Friends 5:Social security 6:Intelligence 7:physical appearance 8:Tolerance The order of those are purely random and not based on importance. I claim that each individual of the 7.125 Billion “Google statistics in 2013” have equal share of those eight elements.The question is how ? The answer is very simple . Some of us have bad health condition and more vulnerable to diseases and some have good immunity system. Some of us are born rich and others born poor , And might turn rich or the rich goes to bankruptcy . some of us had their parents with them . some born and had no father or mother or even had none .Also applies to siblings and second relative cousins . Grandfather or Grandma. Some of us have friends whom are loyal to them and some don’t but this point is controversial on the way you seeu it . because you make your own friendship . but my point is that fate puts you together and make your roads crossed . Some of us live in a stable neighborhood speaking of security and some lives in a ghetto . All of this are of course temporary because one can change where he or she lives at any given point of their lives. Some of us are born with higher IQ than the others but Intelligence is not how you’re good in school or college. Its not about your grades only because we have different types of intelligence which is emotional intelligence that you have it or not . Also street smart is something you acquire during life situations. Some of us are born tall which qualifies them to play basketball for example or born short . Skinny or overweighed . I emphasis again that its just a temporary state because you can always work out and lose weight or eat more to gain more pounds . based on your metabolism and fat burning rate. Some of us are born with ill temper and snaps quickly and others in their nature are more calm and have more tolerance . Again I have to clarify that one can apply anger management techniques or the other way around when a peaceful harmless person explodes . so its a dynamic status if one can say So what I’m trying to say here – and forgive me for my poor English – is if person A say has 7 degrees of health , 3 of wealth , 5 of family , 5 of friends 6 of social security , 4 of intelligence , 8 of physical appearance , 2 of tolerance. All out of ten which is the highest and 1 is the least . Person A will have a total number of 40 out of 80 Now Person B has 5 degrees of health , 5 of wealth , 6 of family , 4 of friends 8 of social security , 2 of intelligence , 3 of physical appearance , 7 of tolerance.  Both person A and B have the same number but for different degrees of Graces at any given point of their dynamic life changing events We are all born equal and each one of us has a potential to be somebody we all have different talents . So what makes the difference between a successful person and one which is not ? First of all  you’ve to know which things you has a natural talent at .That was 40% of your road to success . now comes the most important part which is step two: Work hard to nourish it and be dedicated to it . you must have passion for what you believe you can excel in . Step three is not up to you . Its decided by fate to represent you with a chance to prove your worth . so when this one comes . Take it and seize the opportunity to make your dreams a living reality. We have many inspirational stories from a very successful men and women all over the world . I’ll mention just one of them Lula DA Silva the former president of BrazilLula had little formal education. He did not learn to read until he was ten years old,and quit school after the second grade in order to work to help his family. His working life began at age 12 as a shoeshiner and street vendor. By age 14 he got his first formal job in a copper processing factory as a lathe operator.

At age 19, he lost the little finger on his left hand in an accident while working as a press operator in an automobile parts factory.losing his finger he had to run to several hospitals before he received medical attention. This experience increased his interest in participating within the Workers’ Union. Around that time, he became involved in union activities and held several important union posts.Due to perceived incompatibility with the Brazilian military governmentand trade union activities, Lula’s views moved further to the political left.

So never give up . one day your daydreaming could be True. Work really hard to get it . Knowing that we are all equal under God’s graces




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