The Grace of Satiety

Define the basic survival instinct in any human or any animal .

You’ll find it simply summarized in two things , Finding Food and shelter. I will focus on Food in this Article. Our stomach can’t tell the difference if you had a plate full of caviar or just a couple of bread loaf. Your tongue of course tells the difference but my point that I’m trying to say – text :p – here that it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor to have a full stomach or feeling thirsty Drinking a liter of Water or a whole bottle of Vodka. That’s a Grace from God that all humans have in common . We shouldn’t underestimate the power of charity even if it was just a nickel . Like we say to ourselves

what difference could this nickel do to this person who is in need ?

You never know that you’ve might saved him or her the worry of going home empty handed to their children.


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